The Fatherhood Chronicles CXVII

Domestic Dad

We had a good weekend, the girls and I. Lots of cuddling, playing, praying. New routines, old routines.

As we’ve done every two weeks (on payday weekends) since the first of May, the girls and I headed to our nearest Trader Joe’s to buy groceries for the fortnight. The girls thoroughly enjoy our daddy-daughters date, and love helping me pick out things. We’ve not infrequently come home with an item we’ve never encountered before to try. (Smoked oysters in a tiny colorful tin, for example.) The staff there have gotten to recognize them. There’s a girl, college age, I believe, that Sofie always chats up. Then we head home for lunch and naps.

I started recently reading from the New Testament to the girls while eating at meals. We’ve settled in to readings at breakfast and the evening meal. Sofie always wants me to keep reading, no matter how much I’ve read. However, for some reason, she doesn’t want me to read from the books on saints’ lives I’ve got–but in her defense, the saints’ books aren’t written for children.

We’d not been real regular in taking the girls to Vespers, since it was always near their bed time and it was often hard to get dinner and baths in after work but before services. I would take them from time to time with me on Saturdays. But I’ve tried to be more conscientious about taking them to Vespers so as to foster and ensure their Christian formation. And they seem to have taken to the “nighttime Church,” as they call it. We had to miss this past Saturday–late naps and I couldn’t seem to get their supper and baths done in time. And because we missed, they kept wondering when we were going to nighttime Church. This heartens me, for sure.

And one of the key events of the weekend: Daddy and the girls made cookies and muffins. The cookies turned out okay, but I’ve a sneaking suspicion I either mismeasured the flour or the nutmeg. Still, Delaina liked the cookies, and even though Sofie said she didn’t like them, she ate almost all of them I’d given her. The muffins turned out better, although they ended up sort of flat on top. Still the girls took great delight in helping me measure and mix the ingredients. They’d looked forward to making the cookies all weekend, and definitely enjoyed it.

These are such precious and wonderful times. I am grateful for the grace of awareness to enjoy each moment.