It’s Deja Vu All Over Again

I have four podcasts from Ancient Faith Radio that I listen to “religiously”: Fr Thomas Soroka’s The Path, Jerome Atherholt’s The Saint of the Day, Steve Robinson’s and Bill Gould’s Our Life in Christ (in fact my devotion to OLIC predates AFR’s existence to c. 2002), and Kevin Allen’s The Illumined Heart. (Of course, I also subscribe to others, including to Fr. Pat’s sermons and ponderings, but these two particular items I either hear in person or read in the parish Sunday bulletin.)

Recently, I downloaded last Saturday’s Illumined Heart interview of Bob Meyering, one-time moderator of the Calvin Forum out of Calvin College. Listening to Bob was a Yogi Bera experience. For a brief time, Bob had a blog and we reciprocated links with one another, and we corresponded a few times via email. But the deja vu aspect of the podcast was his account of the Frank Schaeffer interview he moderated.

As I’ve written about before, one of the first things that happened eight years ago to propel me along the path to the Orthodox Church, was the receipt of a postcard advertisement, and my subsequent purchase and receipt, of that video of Frank Schaeffer’s interview on the Calvin Forum. Since the video is copyrighted 2000, all these years I have assumed the interview was much more recent than it then was, but I learned from the podcast that the interview took place about March 1995.

It’s interesting to me how all these things providentially worked out, all the seeds that had been planted in preparation, which then came to fruition beginning with that summer of 2000, and in particular with the catalyst of that interview.

Needless to say, I pulled it out, dusted it off and began watching it last evening.

One thought on “It’s Deja Vu All Over Again

  1. Benedict Seraphim,
    Many thanks for those kind remarks. I hear comments now and then about the influence of that video, and I want to say, “Are you sure you’re watching the video interview with Frank Schaeffer from the Calvin Forum?” I can’t believe that is still circulating. Well, if it is, God bless it.


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