Sts Barsanuphius and John on Blogs, Message Boards and the Internet

One who is firm in faith, if he will speak and contend with heretics or unbelievers, will never be disturbed, because he has within himself Jesus, the Source of peace and stillness. And such a one, after contending peacefully, can with love bring many heretics and unbelievers to the knowledge of our Savior Jesus Christ. Wherefore, O brother, since the judging of other subjects is above your measure, then keep to the royal path, I say, the faith of the 318 Holy Fathers [of the First Ecumenical Council] in which you were baptized: it includes within itself precisely everything for those who understand completely . . . . From now on do not be concerned over subjects which are not assigned to you, for the Lord has taken all cares away from you . . . . Pray for me, O brother, that it may not be said of me: Thou that teachest another, teachest thou not thyself? (Rom. 2:21).

–Answer 58 in Guidance Twoard Spiritual Life 2e, tr. by Father Seraphim Rose (St Herman of Alaska Brotherhood 2002)

2 thoughts on “Sts Barsanuphius and John on Blogs, Message Boards and the Internet

  1. Thanks for sharing this worthy writing of one of our Orthodox Fathers in The Faith.

    Still, I was drawn to read this through the RSS title line which references blogs and message boards.

    In speaking the other day with an Orthodox Christian brother on the subject of blogs, we came to a conclusion which might seem at first at odds with your post, for we decided that blogs have become a great tool for the deceiver in prompting so many to write so much about so few things of true importance.

    It would be easy for me to think that I am somehow an exception to the rule; that my blog is somehow more elevated above the fray and worthwhile in encouraging others to reconsider their thinking.

    Yet the history of The Church and Her Martyrs and Saints seems to indicate that–usually–those with the greatest insight into Eastern Orthodox mystical thought are also those who kept their ideas and writings to themselves until well into the latter years of their lives.

    Having said that, I’m glad I’ve found your blog.

    In Christ,


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