Fr George Calciu on Prayer

From The Orthodox Word (no. 255/July-August 2007) pp 196-197:

You probably have experienced the devil’s temptations during prayer. When you start to pray, hundreds of thoughts start to go around in your mind—all kinds of things, all kinds of remembrances, all kinds of imaginings—because the devil is attacking you. He doesn’t like anyone praying.

. . . I remember when I was a child, and I saw my mother praying. My mother was a devout person of faith who had the Church in her soul. My mother was talking to God as if she were talking to my father. I was a child. I was sleeping in my mom’s bed, and she prayed for a long time before going to bed. She talked to God: “God, my child is sick,” or “My child doesn’t listen to me! He doesn’t obey me! Do something!” “Our cow is sick. Take care of it!” And so on, about the hen, about the cows, about the sheep, she was praying for everything and I am sure that God answered her. It was a dialogue, not a monologue! I am sure that my mother was speaking to God, and God answered her. I never heard God speaking, but the next day everything was arranged. The cow was in good shape, I was better, and so on.

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