4 thoughts on “The Unstoppable Steelers

  1. Back when I was in 5th grade and the Steelers were set to win their second back-to-back Super Bowl–in the days of Bradshaw, Harris, Swann, Lambert, Stallworth, Webster, Jack Ham, Coach Knoll, Mel Blount, etc.–I became a fan.

    Although I couldn’t have articulated it this way in 5th grade, I was attracted to the rough and tumble, gritty, blue-collar, hard work ethic that the Steelers embodied in their football. They weren’t all showboaty celebrities like the Cowboys.

    They haven’t changed. I haven’t changed much either. They stay consistent. I stay a fan.

  2. That makes perfect sense. I grew up an Oilers fan, and so naturally, the Steelers were the enemy. But the same qualities that orignally attracted you to them have attracted me as well. Having Troy Polamalu helps, as does the fact that my bishop (+BASIL) and two brother priests in the area are also BIG Steelers fans. Their enthusiasm for their team has rubbed off on me!

    (And it also doesn’t hurt that my favorite team, the Houston Texans, are perennial stinkers!)

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