Today I’m Glad I Haven’t Yet Nuked This Blog

I have on several occasions in the past seven years thought about nuking this blog. But today I’m glad for my hesitation.

Lord willing I will be giving a presentation on the Orthodox Church to some folks from my heritage churches (Stone-Campbell/Restoration Movement) and I have rediscovered the rather large amount of material I wrote here during 2005 which specifically touches on the questions I’ve been asked to address.

Whew. That will save a lot of research.

4 thoughts on “Today I’m Glad I Haven’t Yet Nuked This Blog

  1. Ditto, s-p.

    And if you ever do, please give notice before you push the red button so that I can finish reading your Aristotle post, which I’ve procrastinated doing. And so that we can talk you down from the ledge. 🙂

  2. Funny, that’s sort of what got me started with this blog-thing. It’s not about one’s own meager insights so much as learning how to speak of one’s spiritual life in specific, or the Orthodox spiritual life in general in a way that might be inviting or at least gives a take-a-way to the unconvinced or unconverted.

    And at least in my case, it’s something more of a journal of things experienced or found along the way, and discovery of understanding… some of which may actually have some general interest. Mostly… those are the nuggets of others tucked away… that we find and paste where we can find them later.

    Helpful also to see what others find, experience, etc. So thanks for not quitting!

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