Your Prayers

I ask your prayers. Starting on Monday, I will be traveling to Missouri to give a presentation on the Orthodox Church to a missions class at my alma mater.

I am, of course, excited about the opportunity to speak for a couple of hours about the Orthodox Church. I have never before had such an invitation. And it came about through a bit of serendipity, unique friendships and timing. I am quite thankful for it all. It certainly feels a bit daunting. But what a blessing.

This will also be a trip where I will get to see certain of my former mentors and professors, some former classmates, and catch up on all that’s happened in our lives in the past twenty years. (Yes, I have the daddy pictures ready to go!) To say that I will have some time for the indulgence of nostalgia probably doesn’t cover it. My undergraduate college was a strongly formative influence in my life.

Of course, because of the personal connections, I’m probably experiencing a bit more nervousness for this presentation than I do while teaching. Actually, I never have any anxieties about teaching (you either know your stuff or you don’t; if you do, there’s nothing to be nervous about; if you don’t, you won’t hide your ignorance and lack of prep). None of the students will know me, of course, but the professor is one of my friends from back in the day. One wants to do well with that particular audience.

Then, too, I hear tell there’s a certain video still floating around that was made while all of us roomed on Williamson first (during the year of exile from Seth third). It’s grainy and shaky. The Spanish guitar music filters out some voices. But there’s probably still some usable leverage there. One can never be too careful.

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