Our Father Among the Saints and Martyr, St Philip, Metropolitan of Moscow and All Russia

Troparion of St Philip Tone 8
Successor of first Hierarchs, pillar of Orthodoxy, champion of truth and new confessor,/ thou didst lay down thy life for thy flock./ As thou hast boldness towards Christ, O Philip, pray for suffering Russia/ and for those who honour thy memory.

Kontakion of St Philip Tone 3
Let us praise wise Philip, guide and teacher of Orthodoxy,/ herald of the truth and emulator of the Golden Mouth,/ the lamp of Russia who fed his children with divine words;/ for by chanting with his tongue he taught us to praise with our lips,/ as a noble vessel of the grace of God.

From the OCA website:

Saint Philip, Metropolitan of Moscow, in the world Theodore, was descended from the illustrious noble lineage of the Kolichevi, occupying a prominent place in the Boyar duma at the court of the Moscow sovereigns. He was born in the year 1507. His father, Stephen Ivanovich, “a man enlightened and filled with military spirit,” attentively prepared his son for government service. Theodore’s pious mother Barbara, who ended her days in monasticism with the name Barsanouphia, implanted in the soul of her son a sincere faith and deep piety. Young Theodore Kolichev applied himself diligently to the Holy Scripture and to the writings of the holy Fathers. The Moscow Great Prince Basil III, the father of Ivan the Terrible, brought young Theodore into the court, but he was not attracted to court life. Conscious of its vanity and sinfulness, Theodore all the more deeply immersed himself in the reading of books and visiting the churches of God. Life in Moscow repelled the young ascetic. The young Prince Ivan’s sincere devotion to him, promising him a great future in government service, could not deter him from seeking the Heavenly City.

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