A Great Way to Explore Holy Week: Through Iconography

If you want to get a better grasp of the Orthodox experience of Holy Week, you can do so through the Church’s iconography.See also An Explanation of the Holy Week Services at Monachos.net.

And there is also Fr Joseph’s post explaining the liturgical significance of the days of Holy Week.

2 thoughts on “A Great Way to Explore Holy Week: Through Iconography

  1. There are some icons that you just never get over having seen. The icon of the “Extreme Humility” is such a one for me. It is so strange, so haunting, so…profoundly out of the ordinary that it demands attention. The pose of the Lord, the look of His face, the blood dripping from his wounds, the inexplicable pose…it all combines to drive home the utter realism of what happened on that day for me, in ways that even the realistic gruesome gore of Mel Gibson’s much talked about film does not.

  2. I agree with you Justinian. One of the things I so appreciate about Orthodox iconography of the Passion is its understatedness–which makes the point more powerful.

    The Passion still has an emotional grip–I’m not so keen on the gore, however–but not in the same was the “Extreme Humility” Like you that icon is very meaningful to me.

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