The Katavasia of Pascha

Ode 1: It is the Day of Resurrection, /
let us be radiant, O ye people; /
Pascha, the Lord’s Pascha: /
for from death to life, /
and from earth to heaven, /
Christ God hath brought us, //
as we sing the song of victory.

Ode 3: Come, let us drink a new drink, /
not one miraculously brought forth from a barren rock /
but the Fountain of Incorruption, /
springing forth from the tomb of Christ, //
in Whom we are strengthened.

Ode 4: On divine watch let the God-inspired Habakkuk stand with us, /
and show forth the light-bearing angel clearly saying: /
Today salvation is come to the world, /
for Christ is risen //
as Almighty.

Ode 5: Let us awake in the deep dawn, /
and instead of myrrh, offer a hymn to the Master, /
and we shall see Christ, /
the Sun of Righteousness, //
Who causeth life to dawn for all.

Ode 6: Thou didst descend into the nethermost parts of the earth, /
and didst shatter the eternal bars that held the fettered, O Christ, /
and on the third day, /
like Jonah from the whale, //
Thou didst arise from the tomb.

Ode 7: He Who delivered the Children from the furnace, /
became man, suffereth as a mortal, /
and through His Passion /
doth clothe mortality with the beauty of incorruption, /
He is the only blessed and most glorious //
God of our fathers.

Ode 8: This chosen and holy day /
is the first of the sabbaths, /
the queen and lady, /
the feast of feasts, /
and the festival of festivals, //
wherein we bless Christ unto the ages.

Ode 9: Shine, shine, O new Jerusalem, /
for the glory of the Lord is risen upon thee; /
dance now and be glad, O Zion, /
and do thou exult, O pure Theotokos, //
in the arising of Him Whom thou didst bear.

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