2007 AFR Interviews about Fr Seraphim Rose

On this day in 1982, Fr Seraphim Rose of Platina reposed. Three years ago, Ancient Faith Radio recorded a three part series of interviews about Fr Seraphim. The first two are interviews with Hieromonk Damascene. The last is an interview with Abbot Gerasim.

Father Seraphim Rose: Spiritual Father (mp3 link; will open in your computer’s player)
Father Seraphim Rose: The Man, the Struggler (mp3 link)
Father Seraphim Rose: Prayer and Orthodox Spirituality (mp3 link)

2 thoughts on “2007 AFR Interviews about Fr Seraphim Rose

  1. I just got back from St. Herman of Alaska monastery in Platina, CA last night. For the last two years I have travelled down there from WA for Fr. Seraphim’s repose day (and plan to continue to make the trip in the years ahead).

    The brotherhood just recently received an account of an impressive miracle (followed by another a few weeks later in the life of the same person) that seems to have resulted from Fr. Seraphim’s intercessions. I do not know how long until they make the account available.

    I know you have said that you hope to make the trip to Platina at some point. Perhaps the 30th anniversary would be a good time? If so, I would be pleased to meet you in person.

  2. T. Nathaniel:

    What a blessing! I definitely want to make it for the 30th in a couple of years, but I’m going to see if I can’t lay aside a little bit each paycheck and get there in the spring.

    Whenever I go, I’ll try to get in touch with you.

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