The Future of This Blog

I have ruminated over the purpose and existence of this blog for at least the last four years. I have often thought I’d just nuke it, but just as I’d been about to make such a resolution firm someone would communicate on one or another aspect of the blog’s usefulness to them. I’ve taken such communications as providential (even suspecting that such interpretations of circumstance perhaps have an element of vanity about them). Frankly, though, it’s been those expressions of utility alone which have kept this blog alive.

This announcement however is not about the demise of this blog. In recent days, following months of encouragement from a dear friend, I have decided to try an experiment of sorts with regard to writing, and this blog plays a factor in that. I will begin to try to post here more regularly, though probably only once a week, or four or five times per month. I imagine the content will be pretty much the same as it has been through the 29 or so posts thus far this year, and I will likely continue my present trend away from the more academic or intellectual (which was the character of my posts, especially for 2005, as a search of the archives will attest).

Aside from brief reflection-type posts, however, I doubt I will share much if any of the other fruits of my writing practices. And my intent will only hold water if this blog contributes to my writing practices rather than takes away from them.

I will also be cleaning up the archives, which means I will be either deleting or privatizing older posts. If you are here looking for a post you no longer see, send me an email (see the About page) and I’ll let you know if it still exists and whether or not I can send you an electronic copy (should you desire one). Then again, I’m sure you can find an archived page somewhere in the bowels of the internet as regrettably nothing, it seems, ever truly disappears from the web.

I’ll give this little experiment with this blog about six months to see if things are going the way I anticipated (or in a different but acceptable way). If all goes well, come the end of February, I’ll give this thing another extension. One day, though, this blog will die. As all mortal things must.

3 thoughts on “The Future of This Blog

  1. Benedict,

    You are being somewhat cryptic here; I accept that. I do want to say that I have appreciated your blog, once found. If it becomes a negative thing in your life, then of course I would not request you to continue it based solely on sacrifice. But whatever experiment you’re working on, I do hope that it turns out to be a good thing. I know it has been for me and many of your thoughts have been life-giving for me.

    thanks again, drew

  2. Drew:

    Sorry. Not trying to be cryptic, but there’s a context to my comments. Some readers have been with me for a while (like Mr. Robinson, aka s-p aka Moo Turtle) and understand the context. Sort of like the impulse the artist had once who destroyed all his paintings and then started over again, I have often had such an impulse about this blog. Don’t know if it’s a form of humility (though knowing myself a bit better I doubt it) or shame or impatience or vanity or what, but there it is.

    As to what *is* cryptic in my comments, though not intentionally so, is that I’m trying to reconnect with the writing impulse I’ve had since I was in first grade, and through junior high and high school exercised almost religiously. My college years sidelined the impulse somewhat under the load of class readings and papers, though not entirely, and in my last couple of years of college I got the religion again.

    Since college life has been at best peregrine and at worst difficult. One learns wisdom from one’s choices and their outcomes. As a result, I buried the writing impulse pretty deep. It would spring out now and again, and in 98-99 I was nearly back at it like I’d been during my teens. But aside from this blog–which is further evidence of this compulsion to write–I’ve not made writing central to my sense of self and my sense of self before God.

    Through some serendipitous circumstances, chance meetings, a new relationship (yet an old one), and what I humbly submit could very well have been the voice of God, I’m back at it again. It’s just this time I’ll not share the jots and tittles online. At least I’m pretty sure I won’t. I’ll still write the sort of posts I’ve been writing, but the other stuff will stay offline.

    And thank you for your kind words here and in your comments on another post.

  3. Understood. I resonate with the spirit of your struggles. I wish you all the best. Since jots and tittles aren’t always publication-worthy (for many different reasons) from the writer’s point of view, perhaps you can bring other things to this post, like your struggles and triumphs in the practice of writing.

    thanks once again, drew

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