A Chosen Instrument: The Mystery of Weakness

When we think of the Apostle Paul we think of the missionary journeys, the evangelization of the Empire, writing the bulk of the New Testament, his martyric death, his ability to perform miracles. We think of the Damascus Road experience and how God accomplished such mighty works through him. His calling is truly momentous. Apart from his ministry, many of us, descendents of Europeans, may not ever have come to Christ. The effect of God’s grace on one man . . . it boggles the mind.

We forget, however, that his calling was a calling not simply to carry the name of Christ to Gentiles, kings and the children of Israel. It was also a calling to suffer many things for the sake of the Name.

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The Writing Struggle

On a brief phone call a short while ago I was asked, “Have you written today?” The hazel-eyed voice of accountability on the other end was reminding me of my commitment to 500 words (a couple of pages or so) per day. I had not. (As I’m writing this, my word counter says I’m at about 50 words or so. 450 to go.)

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