A Brief Note

In mid-April, I made a commitment to return to more regular blogging, and began to post once-weekly posts. A month and a half later, my efforts were put on pause. I have been working on some personal matters, and a great deal of internal resources have been devoted to those efforts, which left little for simple every day life. And so writing was put on hold.

While I’m still working on those matters, I have been thinking more often in the last couple of weeks about writing, and began to feel the pull to more regular and disciplined writing. So, God willing, I will be once again posting more regularly here. While I hope to post weekly, it may be less often as I sort through my daily life and determine what is worthwhile in maintaining and what is worth letting go.

This blog is my general blog in which I post (mostly) my thoughts on things philosophical and theological, from an Orthodox Christian mindset. I also have a writer’s blog where I will be returning to a more active posting schedule.

Stay tuned.

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