Well, let’s see, what’s to say? I had been working on a PhD in ancient philosophy and ethics, with a proposed dissertation project on Aristotle, however, in November 2007, due to life circumstances, had to leave my PhD program, probably for good, definitely for the next few years. I am manager of a customer service center I started from scratch in 2006 for a non-profit international service organization. I am father of two of the prettiest daughters any man could wish for, and live for those moments when I hear the loud cries of “Daddy! Daddy!” while two little pixies run into me full speed with hugs and kisses. I was chrismated and brought in to the Holy Orthodox Church on Pentecost Sunday 2007 (27 May 2007). I am presently discerning the proper time and manner of arranging for my daughters’ baptisms. I am a Kansan by birth and love, though presently away from my native soil.

If you wish to reach me by email: chealy5 at yahoo dot com.

Take a look around my blog here. Most posts are open to comments. Speak your mind, be friendly and courteous. And pray for me a sinner.