On This Eve of the Apostles’ Fast . . .

. . . may I recommend one of my priest’s Pastoral Ponderings:

The Twelve Apostles
(mp3 file)

As well as an Akathist one might pray in the next couple of weeks:

Akathist to Saints Peter and Paul

(I might add that Bp Basil of Wichita has asked that the Akathist to the Holy Apostles be prayed not only during the entire fast but especially the first couple of days of the Fast during the meeting of the Holy Synod of Antioch.)


Podcasts from Mother Gabriella

I want to take the time to highlight some podcasts from Holy Dormition Monastery on Ancient Faith Radio.

I especially want to highlight the talks from Mother Gabriella which I have found helpful during this Great and Holy Lent:

Acquiring the Virtues (I found this one particularly good–especially with my background in ancient philosophy and ethics)
Thirst for God
Women of the Cross (part 1)
Women of the Cross (part 2)

Road Trip CD Mixes

Back when I was a teenager (now more than two decades ago), I used to make cassette tapes of my favorite songs (some 80s hair bands, pop songs, a little Led–I was an eclectic) for listening while on vacation.

Well, I’ve moved from 80s hairbands to 80s talk–AD 380s, that is. Or, well, podcasts from Ancient Faith Radio. Here are a handful of “CD mixes” I’ve burned for recent road trips. (All links are mp3 files.)

These two interviews from The Illumined Heart podcast make great back-to-back listening on one CD.
God: Essence and Energies, a discussion with Dr. David Bradshaw.
The Passions: How We Got into This Mess and How We Get Out, a discussion with Mother Melania.

And then for three CDS that deal with the Jesus Prayer:
Fr. Seraphim Rose – Prayer and Orthodox Spirituality (the third in the Father Seraphim series of interviews, from The Illumined Heart podcast, which deals with prayer more broadly, but discusses the Jesus prayer)
Interview with Abbot Jonah on the Jesus Prayer, Part 1 (the first of a two-part interview from the guys at Our Life in Christ with Abbot Jonah of St. John of San Francisco and Shanghai Monastery)
Interview with Fr. Jonah on the Jesus Prayer, Part 2 (part two of the above)