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I love free mp3 audio of the Classics!

LibriVox ยป Xenophons Anabasis.


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Please visit Dr. David Bradshaw’s homepage which contain some extremely intelligent and useful essays (particular a couple of papers on the term energeia, or, in English, “energies”).

You will not be disappointed.

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Journal of Greco-Roman Christianity and Judaism

Take a look. Vol. 5 articles available in pdf format.

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Iliad Pronunciation Guide, for the Richmond Lattimore translation

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Classic Audiobooks

Appearing on my mp3 player (courtesy of the good folks at Librivox.org)


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The Little Sailing: Links

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Latin & Greek Study Groups

Wanna learn Greek and/or Latin by email, for free? Check out: Latin & Greek Study Groups.

Back in the 1999-2000 timeframe I took part in some Latin email learning. It’s great stuff. I highly recommend it.

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