The Gospel of Inclusion I

Today’s Gospel of Inclusion comes from the diocese of New Hampshire.

Praise to you, projection of our higher selves.

Tactics of fear, intimidation and harassment have escalated in the Episcopal Diocese of New Hampshire. With scarcely 48 hours notice, the Rt. Rev. Douglas Theuner, Bishop of New Hampshire, has removed Fr. Don Wilson as interim rector at Church of the Redeemer, Rochester, summarily revoked his license to function as a priest in the diocese and appointed Canon Martha Dyner to conduct Sunday services at Redeemer. Bishop Theuner cites Fr. Wilsonís opposition to Gene Robinsonís consecration as Bishop Coadjutor of New Hampshire as justification for his actions. Although the vast majority of parishioners at Redeemer share Fr. Wilsonís convictions, the parish was not given the opportunity to discuss Bishop Theunerís decision.

This is the Gospel of Inclusion.

Glory to thee, non-hierarchical semi-divine deity-like person.